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Points to Consider

Now that you have found the right workers for your business it is up to you to devise a plan to keep them. Turnover can be very costly to a small to medium sized business.

Keeping workers doesn’t just happen. It requires a planned approach to finding out what is important to the people who are working for you. In order to devise a good plan you need to consider these important points.

  • Know why some employees came to work for you and why others didn’t.
  • Determine things you can build upon.
  • Identify what needs improvement.
  • Know why employees are staying with your company.
  • Use formal and informal conversation to find out what is working right.
  • Respond with action or an explanation as to why things cannot be changed.
  • Know why employees are leaving.
  • Keep records and look for patterns.
  • Anticipate any changes in the workplace that might cause employees to leave.
  • Consider the effects mergers, restructuring, changes in technology or change in location might have on workers.
  • Take steps to minimize the effect on workers.
  • Determine if personal issues might be causing employees to leave, for example, negative interaction with a supervisor, poor performance review, friends leaving, etc.
  • Know what options you have.
  • Consider a variety of ways to keep employees.
  • Consult with employees for suggestions and insights.
  • Consult with other businesses or employer organizations as to what is working for them.
  • Collect information that will help you analyze the results of your strategies.
  • Evaluate if your strategies are working to keep employees.
  • Set timelines and goals.