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Retention Checklist 1

It costs money when employees leave a company, so any investment you can make to reduce the turnover of workers is a good investment.

Employees stay with a company for a whole host of reasons. Use the following checklist to help you think about new ways to make your workplace even more attractive for workers.

Employee ownership, decision-making and flexibility

  • Share the vision, mission and strategies of the business with employees.
  • Include employees in decision-making.
  • Allow employees to have independence and control over work

A motivating, supportive and trusting environment

  • Ensure that employees are supported to be productive at work.
  • Encourage teamwork among employees.
  • Recognize and reward employee contribution.

A healthy, safe and comfortable workplace

  • Provide a safe a healthy workplace.
  • Provide people-friendly facilities.
  • Provide a clean, comfortable environment.

Work and personal life in balance

  • Allow flexible hours and vacations.
  • Consider alternative working arrangements (e.g. part time, modified work weeks).
  • Allow employees some discretion over timing of overtime.

Regular and open communication

  • Continually share information and knowledge with all employees.
  • Consider regular employee meetings or up-date employees on a frequent basis.
  • Provide regular feedback to employees and managers.

Download the Employee Survey Template.

1Adapted from “Managing your Human Assets” Templates, p. 7