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Federal and Provincial Legislation


If your company falls into one of the following sectors, you are most likely to be a federally regulated employer:

  • Chartered banks
  • Marine shipping, ferry and port services
  • Transportation across provincial borders
  • Airlines
  • Telephone, telegraph, and cable systems
  • Radio and television broadcasting
  • Uranium mining and processing
  • Businesses dealing with protection of fisheries as a natural resource
  • First Nation activities

All other employers are provincially regulated

Legislation Links

Follow the links in the following table to the legislation that applies to you.

Area of Regulation

Legislation application to provincially regulated employers

Legislation applicable to federally regulated employers

Employment legislation for non- unionized workers

Employment legislation for unionized workers

Human Rights Legislation

Workplace Health and Safety Commission Legislation

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Privacy Legislation

Jury Duty


To learn more about employment standards that are legislated by the Employment Standards Act on Prince Edward Island and some frequently asked questions check out the Employment Standards Course in the HR Fundamentals Bundle on - Simply click on the link below and create an account to access this FREE course