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Attracting Diverse Workers

Attracting diverse workers usually requires different methods to bring employees to your company. To build a diverse workforce you need full commitment from the company and current employees. Depending on the size of your business, designating or hiring an employee to assist with increasing diversity could be an option. Without the proper people and funding resources in place, efforts may not turn into results. A company needs to be prepared to move forward with building diversity, as it relates to company atmosphere and demographics. Through the whole process, diversity needs to be maintained with learning and development, rewards, recognition and a supportive work environment.

The first step for attracting diverse workers is to find candidates. Develop marketing material to be reflective and inviting to all target groups including immigrants.


Advertising Sources for Employers

  • Agencies who work directly with immigrants new to your community
  • Immigrant/ethnic media and publications
  • Personal contacts of current employees
  • Networking contacts
  • Job/trade fairs
  • Company website
  • The Internet
  • Private agencies
  • Professional and trade associations

While advertising make sure to be aware of biases:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Skin colour
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Physical appearance
  • English language and accent
  • Culture
  • Ability/disability
  • Stereotyping
  • Social origin

Tips to Help You Attract a Diverse Workforce

Here are some other tips to help you attract a diverse workforce:

  • Have a written policy that demonstrates the company has a commitment to providing equal employment opportunity.
  • Have a strong statement of non-discrimination in the workplace.
  • Outline an effective complaint procedure.
  • Be completely clear of qualifications needed for positions.
  • Develop relationships with organizations that satisfy the needs of targeted groups (immigrants, colour, women, older).
  • Create partnerships with local schools, colleges, universities, etc.
  • Place job listings in a place with a diverse audience.
  • Monitor diversity efforts and show it in annual company report.
  • Introduce succession planning programs that improve gender diversity at senior levels.
  • Get information from a variety of groups, cultures, religions, etc.

To get a list of resources and programs that support diversity in the workplace refer to the Programs to Support section of this document.