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Job Description Form

You need to start the recruitment process with a clear job description. The following categories are commonly used in preparing these descriptions.

Organization Name:              _________________________________________________________________

Title of Job:                          _________________________________________________________________

Date:                                    _________________________________________________________________

Prepared by:                         _________________________________________________________________

Supervisor:                        _________________________________________________________________

Main Responsibilities (why this job exists)
Describe in one or two sentences what this position is expected to accomplish for the company.

List the work duties of this position in order of importance. Use action words to describe the task and include descriptions of how the tasks are to be done, if that is important.

Physical Demands
Describe any working conditions that may affect some individuals’ ability to do the work. Some examples might be lifting, shift work, sight requirements, etc.

List the knowledge, skills, and characteristics or aptitudes that are needed to do the job. Remember to consider basic essential skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, etc. that may be needed.

Education and Experience

Identify the kind of education and experience that would be necessary in order for a person to have acquired the skills listed above. If possible, include combinations of experience and training as that would likely widen the pool of candidates. Remember to include any certifications that are required for the position.