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Recruiting Methods

New Recruiting Methods

There are many ways to find new employees for your company. In this section you will find information about some of the newer methods employers are using.

Social Media: Advertising and communications strategies are changing rapidly as a result of new social media. Companies who understand and use social media will be in a far better position to recruit more people. These media allow instant access by millions of people around the world. In many cases, you can create your own account and use these sites to let people know about your company and positions you have available. Further information about social media strategies can be found in the Using Social Media section of this website. Some of the most popular sites at present include:


Check out the videos at the following link for further explanations of social media:

Using Social Media

Employers can post notices of job vacancies for free on most of the “social media” tools.

These media are online sites that allow anyone to post messages of their own and respond to or comment on messages posted by others. They are not controlled by the professional marketing firms as newspapers or TV stations are. Individuals and companies can open their own accounts, post their own information and contribute to ongoing discussions.

Some of the most popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. Most of these sites have free accounts and each site contains information to assist you in setting up and using your account, both of which are relatively easy. The number of sites grows almost daily, but once you start participating in online discussions, staying current becomes much simpler.

Benefits of Using Social Media Sites

Here are some benefits of using social media sites:

Costs Less: Some sites charge a small fee for an account, but most are free. Creating videos, pictures or content for your profile will require time and maybe some costs.

Reaches More: Your postings can reach people all over the world who use social media sites. The use of social media by businesses is crucial to recruitment of the younger generation of workers, especially student graduates. According to TMP Worldwide 79% of students say social networking sites are key to employers engaging them.

Immediate Posting: Information is distributed instantaneously. Remember, it cannot be recalled, so the information is permanent.

Builds Contacts and Trust: Online discussions with potential employees can build relationships. It allows you to get to know people in your industry and to receive comments. This feedback can actually help you make your business more attractive to potential employees.

Builds Knowledge: You can use this interaction to get new ideas from people in your own industry and to learn what potential employees in your industry want from work.

To learn more about how social media can be used to benefit your business check out the Introduction to Social Media for your Business in the Social Media Bundle on - Simply click on the link below and create an account to access this FREE course

Traditional Methods

Some of the more traditional ways employers have used to attract applications are still being used. They include:

Newspaper Advertising: Job advertisements in local or national newspapers. For a listing of all newspapers in Prince Edward Island, visit one of the following links:

La Voix Acadienne:

West Prince Graphic:

The Guardian:

The Eastern Graphic:

The Journal-Pioneer:

Help Wanted Posters: Help wanted posters are inexpensive and can attract a wide range of applications. If using this method, listing the specific skills you need may reduce the number of unqualified applicants and save you some time.

Employment Agencies: When a successful candidate is hired through such an agency, you (the employer) pay a fee based on the type and level of the position. Check the yellow pages for listings in your area.

Temporary Help Agencies: Temporary help agencies can be found in a variety of industries including accounting, health services, trades, information technology and sales. Check the yellow pages for listings in your area.

Prince Edward Island Job Fairs: Job fairs are ideal venues for companies filling entry-level to senior level positions, internships, cooperative education programs and available summer or part-time jobs. For more information visit the following websites:

[if you have an upcoming job fair you would like posted on this website please email

Promote From Within: A good candidate often exists within your company. Giving current employees the chance to grow and change positions within your company has its benefits:

  • Increases job satisfaction and esteem for the promoted employee
  • Shows others that the company recognizes and rewards excellence
  • Reduces training and orientation time since current employees are already knowledgeable about your product and services

Special Events: Forums, sponsored events and charity events can provide recruitment opportunities. Smart employers are always recruiting. Participating in community and charity events creates a positive image of your company, and is a great way to contact potential employees. Attending forums, charity events or even being a sponsor gets your name out there, and word gets around. Hosting charity events can help create a positive image as well.

Internet Recruiting: The Internet is very popular with job seekers. There are two ways of using the Internet to find the right person for your company: placing a job posting and using a résumé matching service. Some of the most commonly used sites are:

Current Employees: Some companies have relied on their existing employees and provide  incentives to get their support in attracting new recruits.

Former Employees: Former employees usually don’t need an orientation or training period and they know the culture of the company. They can usually start work right away with no delay. This saves on orientation and training costs. They may also know of other good potential employees.

Company Website: Some companies are developing their own well-designed, user-friendly website. This provides potential employees with valuable information about your products, services, markets and business approach.

Job/Career Fairs: Business and community organizations, and even some individual businesses, are organizing job fairs to showcase their industry or company.

Customers: Some businesses invite loyal customers to do part-time or full-time work for them. This information can be included in mail-out promotional materials, on posters at your place of business or by personal contact when the customer visits.

Trade Publications: Advertising in a magazine specific to your industry can attract applicants with interests, training or skills that are well suited to your company.

Cable Station Ads: Why not try posting a short advertisement on your local cable station? The TV Guide channel is also an option.

Community Notices: Some employers are posting positions in Church Halls, Community Centres, Sports Centres, Town Offices and similar locations. Many of those locations can be used to reach stay-at-home parents, newcomers to the community and other persons not currently in the workforce but who may be attracted by your offer. Be sure to get permission for your poster.

Retired or Semi-Retired Workers: Retired or semi-retired workers have years of experience. Many are looking for part-time work for social reasons or for travel money! Try posting your position at seniors’ clubs or resource centres in your area.

Career Development Services (CDS): Visit the Career Development Centre in your area and talk to the staff there about potential workers and available support programs to assist unemployed workers who are entering the workforce.

People Looking to Immigrate: People from other countries who are looking to move to Canada have skills and talent that can make a valuable contribution to your business. Why not contact the the Government of Prince Edward Island's Office of Immigration, Settlement, and Population to learn how international recruiting can work for you? They can be reached at

International Graduates: Persons from other countries who are graduating from local colleges and the University are also potential new employees. Government of Prince Edward Island Office of Immigration, Settlement, and Population at can help you learn how hiring international graduates can work for you.

People with Disabilities: Have you considered the work skills and abilities of persons with disabilities? A number of employment centres and associations support persons with disabilities in finding employment and they can help you find workers. They may also be able to provide supports to help the worker be successfully employed with you. Visit:

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