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Orientation of new employees reduces staff turnover, increases productivity, decreases new employee anxiety, and boosts morale. It provides the opportunity to create a good first impression, to create proper employee expectations and goals, and to familiarize new employees with their roles, the organization, its policies, and other employees.

Orientation Checklist

New Employee Orientation Checklist (use as guideline)

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General Company Introduction

  • Company Culture
  • Company Values (What’s important to you)
  • Vision and Mission
  • Policies – Employee handbook
  • Safety procedures and enforcement

Before the First Day on the Job

  • When, where, and to whom to report for work
  • Where to park
  • Let other staff know the new employee is coming
  • Arrange for any equipment, tools, etc. the new employee will need

Job Specific Orientation

  • Review hours of work
  • Pay days
  • Grooming and dress code
  • Vacation time
  • Sick and family leave
  • Breaks
  • Training procedures and expectations
  • How performance is managed and evaluated
  • Major duties and responsibilities
  • Performance standards
  • Your approach to customer service

Welcome New Employees

  • Warm welcome
  • Introduce new employees to all key staff
  • Introduce the new employee to everyone with whom the new hire will be working
  • Talk about the big picture – how this job relates to the others on the team and to the company
  • Provide a contact for the new employee to get questions answered

Physical Facilities

  • Point out the location of the washroom and lunchroom
  • Give a quick tour of the facilities
  • Show the new hire where to store personal belongings

Review Company Policies and Standards

  • Acceptable treatment of tools and property
  • Acceptable treatment of other employees and customers
  • Policy on telephone, internet use on company time
  • Policy on personal use of equipment and supplies
  • Working hours, absences, overtime
  • Smoking policies
  • Discipline
  • Theft
  • Training
  • Promotions and job postings
  • How disputes are resolved

Workplace Safety, Security and Emergency Situations

  • Personal safety procedures
  • Reporting accidents and incidents
  • First Aid Room and resources
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fire procedures
  • How to lock up
  • How to call for help

Complete the paperwork

  • Have the employee complete their TD1’s for proper income tax, EI premiums, and CPP premiums deductions.
  • Get forms signed for payroll, including banking information if using direct deposit.
  • Explain how, when and what the new hire will get paid.
  • Sign up for benefit program, if applicable.

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