What You Need To Know

Companies are more often reporting that they are highly committed to gender equality. But Canadian women working full-time in 2017 still earned only 74.2 cents for every dollar that men earned when working full-time.

Pay inequity in Canada’s workplaces is larger than the global average and getting worse. The World Economic Forum’s global gender gap rankings lowered Canada to 35th place. We ranked 19th in the world just two years earlier.

Women experience gender barriers to many good paying jobs. They suffer from social norms that offer men higher wages and rates of promotion. This inequality exists from the time they enter the workforce to retirement, and at all levels within businesses in Canada.

Women have child or elder-care responsibilities more often than men. They are also more likely to experience interruptions to their careers. Depriving women of equal pay hurts their ability to save, is discriminatory, and makes women feel undervalued in the workplace.

Why You Need To Know

Workers who feel undervalued are more likely to quit as a result. Your company loses a valuable and productive worker.

You can drive a new wave of creativity and growth through your business by helping female talent succeed.

What You Need To Do

Examine pay levels in your company and institute a policy of equal pay for work of equal value.

Hire women to non-traditional jobs.

Ensure that opportunities to higher wages and rates of promotion are equal to that of men.

Consider introducing flex-time in your workplace.