Atlantic Immigration Program – Employer Designation Application

The Atlantic Immigration Program is an employer-driven, federal immigration program(link is external) designed to help fill permanent labour shortages and skill gaps in your business by supporting skilled foreign workers and international graduates for permanent residency.

What is the process?

Designation is the first step for an employer interested in participating in the program. The designation process is designed to confirm that:

*Please note that home-based businesses and businesses located in residential homes may not be eligible for designation.

Mandatory training with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is required in order to endorse candidates under the program. Please note that you may register for and complete this training at any stage prior to applying for your first endorsement. To register for the mandatory training please follow this link(link is external).

Prior to your first endorsement in Prince Edward Island, you must also have a valid Certificate of Legal Advice on file with our office. This form must be signed by a practicing lawyer in good standing with any provincial/territorial law society in Canada. Please note that this form has been updated to reflect the new Atlantic Immigration Program, and any certificates previously provided to our office are no longer considered valid.

For further details on this program and application details please click here.

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island Office of Immigration


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