Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training to Promote Skills Development and Career Planning

Students in schools, universities, community colleges, and families in Atlantic Canada will now have access to more resources to promote skills development and how these skills can be used to facilitate a successful transition into the job market. These resources can be found in one location at Careers Atlantic Canada(link is external) launched today by the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET).

The new website is an expansion of the one launched by CAMET in 2021 and highlights the Skills for Success framework launched by the Government of Canada in 2021. The framework is intended to address evolving labour market and changing skills needs critical to the successful engagement of Canadians in work, in education and training, and in modern society more broadly.

The updated CAMET website will support youth in this region with information and resources that can help them understand the importance and role of Skills for Success in planning their future. It will benefit students from middle/junior high schools to universities and colleges, as well as those currently not attending school and who may be seeking information about the skills needed to successfully enter and succeed in the labour market.

The website will serve to operationalize the Skills for Success framework specific to Atlantic Canada and will provide strategies on how Atlantic Canadians can achieve success in many opportunities in their home province. It draws specific connections to employers in Atlantic Canada, and how these skills are needed and used in their workplaces. Ministers of Education and Training believe that this approach will help students in Atlantic schools, universities, and colleges gain more insights into workplace readiness expectations and what is taking place in their province. More specifically, the resources and information contained in the website will:

The redesigned website also offers teachers, post-secondary education students, and families valuable information for career planning purposes. Teachers will be able to access a broad range of resources, including lesson plans that have been created to meet specific curriculum outcomes in each of the Atlantic Provinces. Videos and infographics have also been developed to introduce the topic of Skills for Success and guide student conversations.

Resources and videos are also included that can help post-secondary education students understand Skills for Success and the connection to a successful entry into the labour market. Articles and links have been included that address skills and education/ training required in different careers. Contact information has also been provided to career advisor services located at post-secondary and training institutions in each of the Atlantic Provinces.

The website invites and encourages families to support their youth and increase their knowledge about careers to ensure alignment between expectations and requirements in today’s labour market.    Strategies are included that provide families with a range of options to support their youth.

CAMET will use the website to highlight and promote the 2022 Atlantic Canada Career Week to be held from October 31 to November 4, 2022 in schools, universities and community colleges. The theme for this year’s career week will be Skills for Success-Improving Your Career Prospects showcasing the importance of skills development as a foundation for youth to achieve success and their career goals.

Both the website and the 2022 Atlantic Canada Career Week build on efforts undertaken by Ministers in each province to promote career planning and development. CAMET is committed to develop Atlantic resources such as the ones contained in the website to compliment provincial efforts in this area.

CAMET is an agency of the departments responsible for public and post-secondary education, and its purpose is to enhance cooperation in public (Entry–12) and post-secondary education in Atlantic Canada by working together to improve learning, optimize efficiencies and bring added value to provincial initiatives.

For further information, please contact:
Autumn Tremere
PEI Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island

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