Effective January 1, 2017 Workers Compensation Board coverage will now include Island farms

Source: www.wcb.pe.ca

Mandatory coverage for farmers under the Workers Compensation Act will come into effect January 1, 2017. Until then, farm employers are still able to register for optional coverage under the Workers Compensation Act. As requested by farm employers, there will be a comprehensive information and education process which will be delivered during the transition period, in advance of the implementation date.

Farm workers are at high risk of experiencing workplace injuries. While good data on agricultural injuries is difficult to find, Canada’s agricultural industry has among the highest fatality rates of any Canadian occupation.  In the absence of mandatory coverage, costs related to workplace injuries are shifted from the employers onto farm workers and their families who must cope with wage loss and medical expenses. The impact of excluding farm employers from workers compensation can be costly for both the farm worker and the farm employer.

The WCB exists to protect workers and employers through a sustainable no-fault injury insurance program. It provides benefits and services to workers following workplace injuries and protection to employers from liability. Farm rates have shown a downward trend since 2011 resulting in lower rates for the majority of farm sectors, with accident costs being the driving factor.

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