Employers, Medical Certificates & the Accommodation Process

If an employee has a disability, you may need to accommodate them (something different than the other employees) to assist with their participation in the workplace.

If an accommodation is needed, you must work with the employee to plan an accommodation which allows them to work to the best of their ability and you to have your needs met.

In some cases, you may need medical information to determine what limitations the employee has and what needs have to be accommodated. Each case is unique.

Best practices suggest you should be prepared to pay the costs of medical reports required.

The following information should assist you to know what medical information it is appropriate to ask for.


Medical Certificates:

Reasonably Necessary

You are entitled to the medical information that is “reasonably necessary”.

Determining what is “reasonably necessary” involves balancing your right to information with an employee’s right to privacy. When you ask an employee to provide medical information, you should consider the following:

Available Medical Information

Generally speaking, you are entitled to the following:

Prohibited Medical Information

Generally speaking, you are not entitled to the following information and an employee has the right to refuse to provide it unless, based on the specific facts, disclosure impacts the accommodation process or the employee’s ability to perform his job.

Medical Certificates Information PDF

Source: PEI Human Rights Commission

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