Employment Standards Act Comprehensive Review

The Employment Standards Act Comprehensive Review Panel has been tasked with completing a review of the Employment Standards Act  as well as its associated regulations, and Youth Employment Act .

The Review Panel was appointed and began work in October 2021.

What’s Happening Now

The Review Panel is currently undertaking the first stage of the review and has reached out to a diverse group of stakeholders, comprised of industry groups, unions, and other umbrella organizations representing the interests of employers and employees in Prince Edward Island. The intention is to gather information from these groups about concerns they have with the current employment standards and what they would like to see changed or put into the legislation.

The information gathered from these groups, as well information from academics and other jurisdictions on modernization of employment standards, will be summarized by the Review Panel. The Review Panel will produce an interim written report, which will be made available to the public to help guide the second stage of broad public consultations.

Panel Members

Andrew Thompson, Chairperson
Andrew is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and has extensive experience with employment matters in the PEI public sector. His previous employment includes Director of Human Resources with the City of Charlottetown and Health PEI, and CEO of the PEI Public Service Commission.

Hans Connor, Employee Representative
Hans is a lawyer currently employed with the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees and has experience in dealing with employment matters on behalf of employees.

Isabelle Keeler, Employer Representative,
Isabelle is a lawyer currently employed with Cox & Palmer and has experience in dealing with employment matters on behalf of employers.

Review Process

The Review Panel is tasked with conducting the review in the following manner, using the time-lines as guidance:

Stage 1 (12 months)

Initial consultations (ensuring employer groups, employee groups, the Employment Standards Board, Labour and Industrial Relations Division staff, other government entities involved with employment matters, and academics have been engaged) and production of an Interim Report to advise Islanders of the range of issues that have been identified and the options for change that have been proposed.

Stage 2 (5 months)

A second round of consultations with stakeholder groups and the public, using the Interim Report as a guide to assist in the solicitation of feedback on the proposed options for change.

Stage 3 (5 months)

Production of the Final Report, with recommendations on changes that should be made to the Employment Standards Act and Youth Employment Act, to be provided to the Minister.

Terms of Reference for the Review Panel

If you would like more information, or have questions about the review please contact the Employment Standards Branch at 902-368-5550 or phmcphail@gov.pe.ca

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island

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