Grants Available to Support Women and Girls

Applications are open for the 2024 Interministerial Women’s Secretariat (IWS) Grant, which supports projects aimed at benefiting women and girls in Prince Edward Island.

Through the IWS, the province is commitment to empowering women and girls and cultivating communities where every individual enjoys equal access to opportunities, irrespective of gender.

The IWS Grant program aims to support the mental, physical, and social well-being of women and girls while championing women’s rights and gender equality.

“We aspire to create a society that dismantles gender biases, ensuring that women and girls thrive in all environments and are encouraged to reach their potential. The IWS Grant seeks to strengthen the overall well-being of women and girls, building a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.”

– Education and Early Years Minister and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Natalie Jameson.

The IWS collaborates with community organizations to advance the legal, health, social, and economic equality of women and girls in the region.

The primary objectives of the grant include:

  • Supporting Organizations: Provide project funding to organizations delivering direct services and programs for the benefit of women and girls in Prince Edward Island
  • Raising Awareness: Support projects that contribute to the awareness, education, and social action concerning women’s legal, health, social, and economic equality
  • Building Capacity: Support women’s organizations dedicated to promoting women’s equality through advocacy, research, and policy development.

Applications for the 2024 IWS Grant will be accepted until February 16, 2024.

For full details on the application process, visit: Interministerial Women’s Secretariat Grant.
Source: Government of Prince Edward Island

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