New and Revised Workers Compensation Board Policies

The following Workers Compensation Board has developed a new policy and revised two other policies.

New Policy

A new policy, Annuity (POL-154), has been developed to reflect the amendments to the Workers Compensation Act related to the provision of retirement benefits. Pension Replacement Benefits (POL-124) has been revised as a result.

Revised Policies

  1. Repetitive Strain Injuries (POL-91). The amendments set out the criteria for acceptance of repetitive strain injuries including how risk factors are considered and weighed to determine entitlement to compensation.
  2. Conditions for Entitlement (POL-71), formerly titled Arising Out of and in the Course of Employment. The amendments provide clarification on the criteria and conditions that must be satisfied for a claim to be accepted for compensation. Emergency Callout of Workers (POL-127) has been rescinded as the content has been incorporated into the Conditions for Entitlement (POL-71).

Information about the changes can be found in the History section of each policy. For more information visit

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