New Anti-Racism Microgrant Initiative to Support Important Community-led Projects

The province’s Anti-Racism Table is helping to support community-led anti-racism work through the new Anti-Racism Microgrant funding initiative launched today.

“If we are to truly move the mark and foster meaningful and sustainable progress to address racism in our province, we must all work together – government, community and individuals – and support one another,” said Prince Edward Island’s Anti-Racism Table chair Stephanie Arnold.

“As a Table, it is important that we not only foster change through government’s practices, but that we also find opportunities to engage Islanders and nurture positive grassroots change by supporting community-led anti-racism efforts. This new microgrant initiative is a small but important step supporting those efforts.”

The Anti-Racism Microgrant initiative is open to individuals, groups and organizations who can apply for funding under one of three streams:

To be eligible for microgrant funding, projects must help to address racism with Prince Edward Island by promoting racial equity and justice, creating safety for racialized communities and individuals, and building cohesion within racialized communities. Examples of activities or themes include:

The Prince Edward Island government established the Anti-Racism Table in August 2021 to advise government on matters related to systemic racism, particularly as it relates to areas of social policy. The Table is tasked with making recommendations to address systemic racism in and through education; justice and police services; health, mental health and well-being; housing; social programs; provincial legislation, regulations and policies; and opportunities for employment and job security.

Applications for microgrant funding are being accepted until end of day (5 p.m.) Friday, March 4, 2022. Questions and applications should be submitted electronically to

For more information about Prince Edward Island’s Anti-Racism Table, including information about the Anti-Racism Microgrant initiative, visit Anti-Racism Table.
Source: Government of Prince Edward Island

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