Occupational Health and Safety Stakeholder Consultation

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Mr. Ben MacDonald, Chair of the PEI OHS Advisory Council, is inviting stakeholders to provide written comments to the Council on the proposed amendments to the OHS Act General Regulations. Below are the changes being proposed.

Part 9: First Aid Training:  The Pan Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Reconciliation Agreement, which was signed in 2021, provides for reconciliation of common OHS standards as a means of reducing and eliminating barriers for workers and employers who operate between jurisdictions.

A recommendation was made to harmonize to the main components of the CSA Standard Z1210-17, First aid training for the workplace – Curriculum and quality management for training agencies and add this item to Schedule A of the Agreement. Changes to PEI’s OHS Act General Regulations are now required to harmonize to the CSA Z120-17 standard as proposed in the Agreement.

Part 45: Respiratory Protection:  In addition, a recommendation was made to harmonize to the CSA Standard Z94.4.1-21, Performance of filtering respirators by adding this item to Schedule A of the agreement. Changes to the PEI’s OHS Act General Regulations are now required to harmonize to the CSA Z94.4.1-21 standard as proposed in the addition to Schedule A of the Agreement.

Part 22: Stairs:  Changes are being proposed to update this section, to ensure the OHS Act General Regulations align with the requirements set out in the National Building Code of Canada.

Summary:  WCB would like to provide stakeholders time to review and respond to the draft amendments. You can find the current regulations and proposed amendments (including the “Explanatory Notes” at the back of the draft regulations) here

If you wish to provide feedback, please provide your written submissions online prior to February 23, 2024. You may also submit feedback by mail or email to:

Workers Compensation Board  Legislative Feedback

14 Weymouth St, PO Box 757, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7L7


  Psychological and Psychiatric Conditions Policy

The Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island has approved, in principle, the following policy: POL-01, Psychological and Psychiatric Conditions.  The policy has been placed on their website for viewing and comment until March 1, 2024, under the heading of “Policy Consultation.” If you wish to review this policy and provide feedback, please do so online.

Should you have any questions or comments about this or any other policy of the Workers Compensation Board, you may contact Jody Jackson, Senior Policy and Planning Coordinator, at jsjackson@wcb.pe.ca or 902-213-4547.

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