Province Offers COVID-19 Financial Support for Workers

The province is reopening the COVID-19 Emergency Payment for Workers program to help Islanders get through the recent public health restrictions.

The COVID-19 Emergency Payment for Workers program provides financial support to residents of Prince Edward Island who had employment impacts as a result of the Covid – 19 public health measures announced December 17, 2021. This emergency payment program is a one-time lump sum payment of $500 from the Government of Prince Edward Island. This emergency benefit is taxable income.

The province is also reinstating the Emergency Income Relief Program for the Self-Employed. This program supports self-employed Islanders who have lost more than 50 per cent of their self-employment income due to public health restrictions put in place on December 17, 2021,  who can show that self-employment income is their primary source of income, and who aren’t eligible for other federal support programs.

Payments will be based on the amount of income reported as lost, up to a maximum of $300 per week, per applicant. For details and to apply to either program, visit: For Business or Prince Edward Island Emergency Payment for Workers

“We recognize these public health restrictions can cause financial strain for many working Islanders. Money can already be tight for many people around this time of year, and we know self-employed especially rely on the holiday season as a busy time for their businesses and work. We hope this program helps all working Islanders until these restrictions are lifted.”

– Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Minister Matthew MacKay

The eligibility period for the programs coincide with the current CPHO restrictions announced effective December 17, 2021 and scheduled to end January 8, 2022.

Supports, such as the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit(link is external) which was expanded last week, the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit(link is external) or the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit(link is external) are available through the Government of Canada as is the provincial COVID-19 Special Leave Fund.

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island

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