What You Need To Know

Many resources are available to help you find and keep employees.  Some financial support may also be available to help you hire and train employees. Information on HR funding programs is provided.

Other government entities deal with labour disputes and employment standards to help you address issues while complying with provincial and federal legislation and regulations.

A wide range of community supports can help you deal with special challenges such as mental health issues.

Community partners exist to support their members. These organizations are often specific to the area of work. Examples include Chartered Professionals in Human Resources, Engineers PEI, etc.

The PEI Government’s Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning works with all ministries to enhance employment opportunities. They focus on the continued development of a skilled workforce, entrepreneurship, and the recruitment and retention of workers. They also recruit newcomers, help former Islanders resettle, and assist young people to find employment here.

A specific division of government helps manage the design and delivery of employment and skills development programs funded through a federal-provincial funding agreement.

Many programs exist to help youth obtain quality employment.

Why You Need To Know

Human resources management can be stressful. You need to have in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulations and what works to create a healthy, productive workplace. Many supports and resources are available to help you with advice, guidance, and information.

Human resources professionals can give the technical advice, guidance, and support to assess your current HR program. They can make recommendations to help you develop long-term plans and policies. This will help you recruit and keep employees.

Funding programs provide you with the financial support and expert advice to establish effective HR programs that fit your business.

The Labour Relations Board will help you and your employees to speedily resolve conflicts and restore harmony to the workplace. They will ensure a process that is in line with regulations and legislation.

The Employment Standards Branch helps you establish entitlements for your employees in compliance with the law. As with the Labour Relations Board, the Branch assists employers and employees understand and apply what is required under legislation and regulations.

Several provincial government departments and divisions provide programs and coordination among ministries to develop and maintain a skilled workforce.

Skills PEI, a division of the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning, manages the design and delivery of employment and skills development programs funded by a federal-provincial partnership. They offer a variety of supports for employers.

Community supports and community partnerships can help you address specific challenges and support your workforce. For example, community partnerships often offer training and development for their members.

Programs that help youth obtain quality employment may be a good source of new hires.

What You Need To Do

Contact the following HR funding programs for further information (see TOOLS for link):

  1. Human Resources Planning Program is for businesses without a human resources program or with a program that is not adequate:
    • To assess existing human resources policies.
    • To develop a human resources action plan.
  2. Human Resources Implementation Program is for new, existing, and expanding PEI small and medium-sized businesses with:
    • Proactive workforce planning and forecasting
    • Creating an enabling work environment
    • Effective recruitment and interviewing
    • Training and leadership development
    • Performance management
    • HR indicators for measuring effectiveness
    • Compensation, incentives and benefits
  3. Other funding programs are offered by Skills PEI that can help you with wage subsidies and labour market partnerships.
  4. Contact the Labour Relations Board if you or an employee brings an issue before it. The Board will provide a quasi-judicial process to resolve labour disputes. In addition to a speedy process, the Board also tries to provide for and maintain harmony in the workplace.
  5. Employment Standards Branch administers the Employment Standards Act. This includes payment of wages, vacation pay, statutory holidays, termination notices, minimum wage rates, overtime pay, and parental leaves.
  6. Reach out to community supports when you encounter challenges due to mental health or other issues.
  7. Encourage eligible members to join a community partnership organization and take advantage of training and development opportunities.
  8. Reach out to youth-focused programs when hiring.