What You Need To Know

The acronym LGBTQ2+ translates to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, 2-Spirited (used by some Indigenous peoples to describe a range of sexual, gender, and/or spiritual identities) and other sexual or gender identities.

People who identify as belonging to these groups often experience discrimination in the workplace. They may experience hostility or unequal treatment. They may feel isolated. Their co-workers may be homophobic or transphobic. They may experience or be at risk of emotional, mental, or physical violence if the workplace does not promote tolerance and diversity.

Why You Need To Know

The Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation.

An inclusive, welcoming workplace is healthier and more productive.

Being able to work productively with an inclusive workforce also means that you may be able to reach out to the LGBTQ2+ community as a potential market for your goods and services.

What You Need To Do

Be a positive and proactive role model for promoting diversity in the workplace.

Become an ally. Be aware of any intolerance and act quickly to confront it.