What You Need To Know

Prince Edward Island is the traditional and unceded territory of several Mi’kmaq First Nations. The Mi’kmaq people have lived on PEI for thousands of years.

Our province’s population also includes many other Indigenous peoples, such as Metis and Inuit, who have made PEI their home. Many people do not know the rich history and traditions of Indigenous peoples. Elders, ceremony, and family are the core of Indigenous cultures.

Why You Need To Know

First Nations communities are young relative to the general population. This means there are many young people ready and willing to work.  Because of the importance of Elders, ceremony, and family, Indigenous workers may need some flexibility in their work schedule.

What You Need To Do

Reach out to First Nations communities through the support services and agencies that exist to serve them. They can brief you on culturally appropriate expectations and connect you with potential employees.

Be a role model in your workplace. Model curiosity, openness, respect, and willingness to learn about Indigenous cultures.

Flex-time may be important to Indigenous workers who are involved in traditional ceremonies. Consider consulting with an Elder to identify when ceremonies take place. They will explain the obligations that your Indigenous workers may have to participate. They will also explain Indigenous workers’ responsibilities to their families and communities.

Reach out to support services to provide educational opportunities for your workforce about Indigenous peoples.

Did you know?

The Aboriginal/Indigenous population in Canada could reach between 1.7 million and 2.2 million in 20334 (Source: Statistics Canada Population Projections by Aboriginal Identity in Canada, 2006 to 2031).