What You Need To Know

People are living longer and healthier. As a result, many choose to stay in the workforce longer.

As a result, you may have four or five generations in your workforce:

Each generation has different life experiences but so do individuals within each of these generations. Life experiences affect an individual’s attitude, aspiration, needs, and wants.

It’s important to avoid stereotyping people just because they are from a particular generation.

Why You Need To Know

By understanding what motivates and inspires different generations of workers, you may be better able to anticipate their needs wants, and motivations.


What You Need To Do

Ask your employees about their attitudes and aspirations. Encourage ongoing conversations among the different generations. Be open to different viewpoints and approaches to carrying out the work.

Be sure to let all your workers know their contributions are valued. Pay attention to what seems to resonate best with them. Tailor your recognition programs accordingly.  A worker with a young family may value flex-time to manage their family responsibilities, while others may have elder care responsibilities.