What You Need To Know

Persons with disabilities are often overlooked as potential employees. Many employers feel they may lack the knowledge and resources to accommodate their needs. Stereotypes and negative attitudes may prevent employers from hiring people with disabilities.

Yet, people with disabilities often have the abilities, skills, and education or training that employers need.

Discrimination against people with disabilities is forbidden under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Why You Need To Know

Some workplaces may not physically accessible to people who use wheelchairs, have limited vision, or have other disabilities. But the cost of accommodating a person with disabilities may be minimal.

People may not be aware that just because a person has a disability does not mean they are unable to perform to the same level as a person without a disability.

When people are accepted and comfortable, they feel free to express themselves. As a result, research shows they perform better. Employee engagement is improved. Their contribution to the workplace increases.

What You Need To Do

Create a flexible work situation. Examine the job. Is there potential for it to be done differently? Ask these questions:

Create an inclusive workplace. An inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels truly welcome, safe, and free to be themselves. They are accepted regardless of their background or disabilities.

Connect with local services and agencies that provide employment support services to persons with disabilities.