What You Need To Know

Before you start hiring, you need to decide on the employee’s role within your organization. You need to think about how each job fits into your current and future business plans. If you are replacing an employee, consider if the job requires the same skills or if a new set of skills are needed. Have you also considered if a current employee can move into this position?

You also need to know how to find and attract the right workers to your business and how to keep them.

Why You Need To Know

Finding and keeping good workers requires some effort. You may be competing with other employers to attract the same type of worker(s).  A well-written job description should include, at minimum, the following:

You may also include the qualifications required to be suitable for the position.

What You Need To Do

Follow these eight steps to finding the right person for a job:

  1. Describe the job and provide a few details about your company.
  2. Write an advertisement. This is usually a short summary of the job description.
  3. Post the job on the company bulletin boards and email (share with current employees and invite them to share with their network).
  4. Post the advertisement where you are most likely to find the ideal person for the job. Include internet sites and job boards.
  5. Screen applications to make a short list for interviews.
  6. Conduct interviews and background checks.
  7. Make a decision. Prepare a letter of offer or employment contract.
  8. Offer the job and welcome your new employee!

Further guidelines are provided for each of these steps in other areas of the Finding Workers section.