What You Need To Know

There is a saying that people don’t leave a job, they leave a boss.

Money is often not the main reason people leave an employer. Employees may leave due to boredom, feeling unappreciated, or become frustrated with an aspect of their work(place). Most employees want to work for someone who values them as individuals. They want to work for someone who listens to what they have to say and/or provides them with opportunities to further develop or share their skills.

The best way to engage employees is through ongoing communication.

Why You Need To Know

If you focus on keeping current employees, you should see a reduction in resources required to recruit new employees. There are direct and indirect costs to your business when people leave, so a focus on keeping them is a good investment.

Engagement through ongoing communication can help reduce negativity and/or eliminate unproductive behaviour.  It’s contagious! Good employee relations can also help to improve customer service, safety, profits, and productivity.

What You Need To Do

Create a positive work environment and become known for it. A few ideas to engage your employees:

Encourage employee ownership, decision making, and flexibility

Create a motivating, supportive, and trusting environment

Maintain a healthy, safe, and comfortable workplace

Put work and personal life in balance

Maintain regular and open communication