What You Need To Know

The following employment related legislation is the legal foundation for provincially regulated employers:

Depending on the nature of your business, other pieces of legislation may also apply to your workplace. At a minimum, employers need to comply with all legislation.  Many employers will have internal policies and procedures to communicate rights, roles, and responsibilities on a number of different matters, including those required by legislation.

Policies identify the broad principles/standards for expected workplace action, behaviour, and/or compliance.  The procedure may outline step-by-step instructions, such as templates, forms, or simple visual aids.

Policies identify “what” the standard is while a procedure addresses “how” the standard is implemented.

A large number of HR-related matters could call for policies and procedures.

Short sample list:

And many more!

It is important to identify aspects of your workplace management and operations that could benefit from clearly defined policies and procedures.

Ensure you have well-written policies that are developed and/or reviewed by legal counsel or a Chartered Professional in Human Resources to ensure that it complies with legislation.

Why You Need To Know

Workplace policies help create a well-defined, fair and consistent framework for employer-employee relations. Not all policies are required by law.

Poorly written, discriminatory, or conflicting policies could result in workplace tensions or worse, have legal consequences.

What You Need To Do

Become familiar with all legislation that applies to your workplace.

Be sure to review your policies regularly to ensure it complies with the law. By neglecting written policies, many businesses are violating laws without even knowing it.

Use clear plain language.  Avoid the use of jargon and acronyms as much as possible.

Communicate new policies, or revisions, to your employees.

Be consistent in applying your policies. You risk losing employees due to frustration if you are selectively applying your workplace policies.