Retail Operation Guidelines: Circuit Breaker Dec.7-21.

To help break the chain of COVID-19 transmission in PEI, CIRCUIT BREAKER measures are in effect from December 7 to December 21.

These CIRCUIT BREAKER measures impact businesses and gatherings and are different from the restrictions PEI residents were asked to observe during the New Normal phase.

The circuit breaker phase restrictions override all other existing sector specific public health guidance. Government of Prince Edward Island COVID-19 recommendations and guidances may be impacted by the CIRCUIT BREAKER measures.

This guideline applies to all retail businesses, including but not limited to clothing retailers, big-box retailers, food, alcohol, and cannabis retailers, shopping malls, book stores, convenience stores, bargain retailers, and electronics retailers.

Required Measures

Core measures required by all businesses, services, and organizations:

Workplace measures:

Employee measures:

Layout and customer flow measures:

Point-of-sale (POS) measures:

Measures for clothing retailers:

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island (content subject to change)

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