School is still in session. Are you complying with the Youth Employment Act?

An employer who hires a young person under 16 years of age must follow the Prince Edward Island Youth Employment Act as well as the Employment Standards Act for these workers.

Work restrictions

Young persons under the age of 16 years of age cannot be employed in activities that are likely to be unsafe or harmful to their well-being, including construction work.

In addition, young persons cannot be employed:

Employer obligations

An employer who employs a young person is required to:

When the Youth Employment Act does not apply

The Youth Employment Act does not apply when a young employee attends any course of study at a trade school or who works for an employer who hires only family members.

This article provides only general information. Details of the Prince Edward Island Employment Standards Act and Regulations can be obtained by contacting the Employment Standards Branch at 902-368-5550 (toll free at 800-333-4362)

Visit for more information. Read the full PEI Youth Employment Act

Original Source: Submitted by the PEI Employment Standards Branch to Employment Journey (June 8, 2021)


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