Talk about safety during Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

March 9-15, 2014 is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, an annual event that raises awareness about the importance of farming safely. With this year’s theme, Let’s Talk About It, the Workers Compensation Board encourages farm employers and workers to initiate a conversation about safety hazards and ways to work safely.

“Dialogue creates valuable opportunities to learn from one another,” said Nancy Guptill, Workers Compensation Board Chair. “With a topic as important as workplace safety, a simple conversation can mean the difference between getting hurt and making it home safely.”

A new farming resource developed by the WCB can help to kick start the safety conversation. The guide, Safety Guidelines for Potato Producers, provides information to help farmers, workers and families to work safely.

At this time of year, when farmers are planning for the upcoming season, the guidelines provide helpful information about equipment maintenance. The document is also a great starting point for training new workers who may not be familiar with safety hazards.  Important tips include:

If you would like more information about farm safety, please contact WCB Farm Safety Specialist, Tara Huestis, at 902-368-6562 or 1-800-237-5049. There are also a variety of workplace safety resources available in the Safe Workplaces section of the WCB website at

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