WCB Multi-Hazard Safety Campaign

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of PEI is launching a multi‐hazard safety campaign on May 29 to remind workers and employers to always take time to work safely around asbestos, when excavating and trenching, and when working at heights.
From May 29 to July 31, Islanders will see and hear about the WCB’s “Don’t become the worst‐case scenario” campaign on the radio, on posters, on social media, on public transit and on the WCB website.

The WCB’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Officers and Educational Consultants will also be sharing safety information during work site visits.

“There is always time to do the right thing to avoid catastrophic injuries and life altering illnesses that could lead to death,” said Danny Miller, the WCB’s Director of Occupational Health and Safety. “It’s about taking the time to plan construction and renovation with asbestos safety in mind, taking the time to safely prepare sites for excavating and trenching and taking the time for fall protection measures when working at heights. It’s a reminder that no one wants to become the worst‐case scenario.”
Within the past three years, there have been multiple fines under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for unsafe asbestos management, unsafe work practice while trenching, and working unsafely at heights three metres or more. The fines levied were remitted to the WCB specifically for the purpose of conducting awareness, education, and prevention activities like this campaign.

To learn more about workplace hazards and safe practices, please visit wcb.pe.ca

Source: Workers Compensation Board of PEI

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